Our Tax practice is deeply connected with our business transactions practice.

We are experts in all aspects of corporate taxation, domestic and international, providing advice to traditional and emerging/growth companies, venture capital and private equity funds.

Our professionals have extensive experience in supporting in-house tax and accounting departments in all strategic decisions, with a Big 4 approach, seamlessly interacting with CFOs, Auditors and Accountants, we provide innovative and consistent advice on sensitive tax matters.

Our Tax practice includes:

  • Identify alternatives to reduce tax burden on both domestic and international transactions with respect to Brazilian and foreign tax law, including through the application to tax incentives granted by Brazilian Government and other benefits provided by international tax treaties.
  • Providing legal advice and support on tax matters to foreign companies interested in investing, establishing a presence and doing business in Brazil.
  • Advice on tax issues associated with structuring mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital financings;
  • Review of tax and accounting documentation in order to identify tax credits not recorded in a timely manner, which can be further compensated, always based on a conservative risk assessment grounded on administrative and judicial jurisprudence;
  • Tax due diligence investigations covering in-depth analysis of clients’ business model in order to determine all tax levies and identify undisclosed and contingent liabilities.
  • Tax compliance review to identify disclosed and undisclosed tax liabilities and provide the best suitable, tailor-made solution;
  • Litigation at all levels of the Judiciary Body, including the Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), on cases discussing issues arising from tax levy, recovery of improperly collected or exceeding taxes as well as to protect taxpayers against tax reassessments.
  • Represent taxpayers on administrative tax litigations resulting from tax infraction notices.
  • Advice and support in connection with federal, state and municipal tax inspections, in all phases.
  • Review of tax internal processes to ensure the efficiency of internal controls and to identify GAP’s, providing support to Risk Management departments.
  • Review and rectification of main tax returns, such as SPED, DCTF, ECF, DIPJ, GFIP, among others.

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Date:19 de October de 2016