The Complexity of Business


Doing business in a globalized economy is already complex and challenging, even for the well-rounded manager. Legal support should not be an additional burden to managers, on the contrary. It should provide quick, precise and relevant solutions, always considering the business goals of the organization.

 Our Experience


Our attorneys are recognized for their solid professional experience across several different industries and jurisdictions. From leading firms in Brazil and abroad to publicly traded companies, our team’s experience allows Schroeder & Valverde to deliver top-notch performance across the board.



We understand the challenges and requirements faced by organizations in the pursuit of their goals. That is why we strive for an open, honest and consistent communication with our clients. At Schroeder & Valverde we believe that only a well-informed client is capable of making the right decisions.

 Only excellence matters


At Schroeder & Valverde, we have an uncompromising commitment to legal excellence, extraordinary client service and high-performance. We believe that these standards will resonate with the needs and goals of our clients and promote a mutually beneficial and long term relationship.


  • Carol and all her staff have been an excellent help for me and my company. As a foreign manager, I was impressed with how they took care of sensitive tax and other legal issues, including cross border problems, with a very professional and international way of working and producing results. In such a complicated country to do business as is the case of Brazil, Carol and all her firm have been a fundamental assistance in my integration with the country and will continue to be in the future. Francesco Macchi - G.P.M. Srl
  • Rodrigo Valverde is the lawyer I’ve been looking for all my life. In the most important moment of my journey as an entrepreneur, he was there for me, even without making any money at that point… His integrity and competence puts him in a very short list among the universe of professionals with whom I have dealt with. Working with Rodrigo gives me the peace of mind to know that I can focus on what I do best, because I know I have someone trustworthy covering my back. Tallis Gomes, CEO & Founder @Singu
  • João is an excellent professional and his personality makes him very easy to relate to. His legal and business expertise allow him to understand the macro guidelines of a given trade or structure as well as to dive into the minor details that any sophisticated trade requires.


Marcos Schroeder


Corporate, M&A, Capital Markets



rodrigo valverde
Rodrigo Valverde


Corporate, M&A, Capital Markets and Startups


Carol Rego





Joao Nascimento
João Nascimento


Banking and Finance